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The editorial Board Member is a key part of IJAMRD journal. Researchers and academicians are invited to participate in the review process of papers. Board members are generally expected to complete their review within a one week period. Please return the article within one week or find alternative reviewer, if you are unable to review. Reviews should be constructive and positive feedback to the authors. The completed review paper should be electronically returned to IJAMRD Managing Editor.

IJAMRD Board Member benefits reduced publication charge. If you would like to become an IJAMRD reviewer, you should send the following information to the IJAMRD editor ( ). You will receive an email shortly which lets you know whether you have been selected as IJAMRD reviewer or not.

Board Members & Reviewers duties:

  1. Contribute the popularity of IJAMRD,
  2. Initiate the scholars to put papers in IJAMRD,
  3. Propose some special issues
  4. Board members should help the quality improvement of journal,
  5. Board member should bring IJAMRD as one of leading journal in the world.

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